How to submit online

The Order of Submitting, Reviewing, and Publishing Scientific Articles


1. The author prepares the text of the manuscript sends it to the journal in the printed and electronic version. Electronic version of the paper should strictly conform to its printed version. The last is signed by the author (authors).

2. The text have to contain in that order:

General information about article:

- Name of article (bold-face type, capital letters);

- Surname, first name, patronymic name (in full):

- Scientific degree and academic status:

- Place of work (full name, city):

- Position:

- Phone number (mobile and office):

- E-mail:

- Postal address with post-code.

Summary and keywords:

- The summary of the article (the recommended volume of 150 - 200 words), reflecting the main content and results of work, including relevance and novelty of the studied subject;

- keywords (no more than 5-8 words) in Russian and in English;

- The summary in English must include all of the above described items.

The volume of articles must not be more than 65000 symbols including blank spaces (i.e. 16 typical printed pages), essay — 40000 symbols, book review — 12000 symbols.


Requirements for the electronic version of the article.

· Microsoft Word editor

· Type - Times New Roman;

· Page format A4, size 14,


Rules of reviewing

Each article, submitted to the Editorial Board necessarily passes the procedure of reviewing.

When requested, the Editorial Office sends the copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

If the contents of article don't correspond to subject of the edition, it is disqualified, authors are reported about it. If the material does not meet the requirements, it is returned to the author for revision. Unpublished material to authors doesn't come back.

In case of conformity of the article the Executive Secretary sends it for an expert assessment of the reviewer and/or experts, scientists and specialists in this field responsible for the corresponding direction of science. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles in the past 3 years. Additional reviewing may be appointed in case if the article is of interdisciplinary or debatable nature. The review deadline in each case is determined by the Executive Secretary of the journal with the creation of conditions for the most rapid publication of articles.


Originals of the reviews are stored at the editorial office of “Modern Current History” for five years.